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Wrinkles commonly develop in the area between the eyebrows as a result of regular facial movements such as squinting, concentrating, or frowning. These repetitive actions cause the muscles in that area to contract, resulting in permanent lines on the skin.

Botox Injection
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How does Dysport Work?

One effective method to reduce wrinkles without undergoing surgery is by using Dysport. Compared to other injectable products, Dysport is a relatively new treatment option, but it is equally effective and may even yield faster results. The mechanism of action involves the relaxation of muscles, preventing them from receiving signals to contract from the nerves. As a result, the wrinkles above these muscles disappear. The advantage of Dysport is that only the treated muscles are affected, allowing the rest of your face to move freely and express any desired emotions. The effects of the injection typically last for three to four months.

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